Like many of us, keeping bees began as a slightly nervous adventure, determined to learn about their wonderful world and to try in any way that we could to help them out. After all, we have caused so much of what is now their struggle and we wanted to try and do our bit to make that right. However, keeping bees has given us so much, far more I imagine than we have been able to give them back.

We've learned to appreciate and love the smallest things, learned to understand our hives, the different approaches and energies, been inspired and awe struck by nature. We've learned to recognise the mornings where one hive will forage but another stay tucked up warm and inside. We've grown to worry for them when we see chemicals used anywhere nearby, when the water table is low and we put out dishes for them to gather at and drink, on windy nights and frosty mornings when a beam of warm winters light can bring them out of their homes only to meet frost and possibly death. We hurt when one dies and is unceremoniously removed by the other bees from the hive in daily cleaning routines.

They have become a big part of our family and balance in our landscape, we gauge weather, fruitfulness of seasons and temperatures by their activity and each year are reminded that nothing really compares to the bee colony, the cooperation, dedication and selflessness of each bee. Bees are natures magic, beautiful, peaceful, they bring joy and inspiration. We have learned more from our bees than any other creature and are so grateful for everything that they have given us. So now when we enjoy some honey, burn a beeswax candle or put on natural wax based hand creams, we always make a wish for the bees! They need our love.

Our wonderful bees have been super busy this year and we were thrilled to see the results of this lovely little hive which we'd set up with open frames (without the bottom bar). What a beautiful gift to open and see rows of perfect comb hanging despite it being a fairly wet and cold summer, these gals seem to be doing alright and we couldn't be happier. Nature is truly magical and bees are simply amazing! Thank you bees for all your hand work.


Wishing you all a lovely honey autumn, N&J.