Informed Design

Stòr Lifestyle is proud to support its independent makers. We believe in knowing the faces behind the products we all buy and that fair trade is part of creating a sustainable & beautiful future for all, a future which has less waste.

Products that have proven themselves through design, material & craftsmanship to be dependable are the products that are worth investing in and we believe are worth supporting the generations of skill and innovation that have kept these products alive.

At Stòr Lifestyle we set out to bring the beauty of traditional & innovative hand crafted products to UK markets. Each of our products has a beautiful story of craft, passion and innovation that has enabled it to stand the test of time. We make it our business to know as much as we can about our products, their makers and origins, and we thought we'd share a little of that story here with you.

Considered Design & Utility:

Designs that have been considered for function and practicality and that look good as well are surely the best purchases. If we told you that the product you were about to buy would be out of style within a month or that after a year will have worn through or broken, then you'd probably think it was a poor investment. However, unfortunately that is what we all do, every day, without even knowing it we are investing in poorly designed, devastatingly produced throwaway products that will be deemed out of style within a few months or break soon after. If we are to reduce the negative impact we are having on our planet then we need to start ticking both boxes (design and function). It is evident that our planet can no longer support non practical, seasonal looks only and trend buys. A product should be for life, or at least a very long time! The cost of the materials and manufacturing should give an indication of the time it needs to last to be considered worth while (for the maker, for the planet and for your pound). If its' design cannot last more than a single season then it can't be very well designed.

All our products have been tested with design, practicality, time and the cost of manufacture to give you the best ethical and eco friendly product solution, without sacrificing style and at a reasonable price.

We strive to offer seasonal collections and stock a more diverse range of suitable products for the season at hand. We do have our staple range available throughout the year but hugely enjoy bringing together expanded collections, with new items and designers to celebrate a particular season (we think we all do really).

Tradition and Innovation:

We believe traditional products have reached the modern era, when thousands didn't, because they were successfully designed, well made and loved by consumers. We also recognise that lifestyle needs and habits have changed over time and we strive to reflect this in our products to meet your needs. The best products are made using the skill and knowledge of tradition and the foresight and innovation of our time to ensure your purchase lives with you into your future.


Stòr Lifestyle has traveled to seek out it makers and we could not be more happy than to say that today we work with over 50 makers groups (some working as individuals and others with an organization or company) from many wonderful countries including Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Italy, Scotland, England and Nepal. Each of our groups have something different to offer be it a skill, material or technique. What they all have in common is tradition combined with a fierce hunger for innovation and passion for their craft, all of which has ensured that their products, the love for them and the purpose have endured. It has been one of the greatest gifts to be able to travel and learn from our makers.

A Modern Lifestyle & Our Planet:

Being conscious about the way our consumer demands and patterns are permanently changing our planet doesn't mean sacrificing comfort and style, nor does it mean the so called reversal of progress and technology. In fact with those tools at our disposal it should be easier than ever before to buy wise and still enjoy a modern lifestyle, knowing that you aren't having a negative impact on our planet.

We care about our planet & we want to encourage our customers to care too. We believe that you can care for your planet whilst enjoying the wonderful gifts it has to offer through our sustainable & eco conscious business approach that celebrates hand craft skills, tradition & innovation & the natural materials.


Stòr Lifestyle carefully curates a collection of home and lifestyle products that have considered our ethos: Ethical, Eco Friendly and Handmade. All our products are designed to meet the highest standards of design, form and function. By shopping with us you are not only supporting countless fair and safe jobs but also supporting sustainable industries producing the raw materials whilst knowing that your purchase is for the long term not the short term.

We've even put together a special section (below) just for you all about caring for your products. We firmly believe that if you purchase products that have come from a passion for design and material routed in tradition; products that you love and want to live with and that if you look after your belongings then they can last a lifetime. Read more about caring for your products below.

Consumer Demands & The Story Of Stuff:

Our consumer demands for the past century have had an incredibly damaging effect on our home planet. Our behavior as mass consumers spurred industry on to produce more and more throwaway, trend only products, And to make matters worse we've been locked in a stalemate with heavily targeted advertising convincing entire generations that we need this stuff, if only for the season.

Our business was born through need, our own need for these products, which is why we are here supporting traditional crafts, skills & innovation. We couldn't face adding to the throwaway culture of trend only (seasonal) purchases that ultimately end up in the landfill sites and oceans of the world. We wanted to be able to buy products with clean design, fair production and a sensible lifespan - not just for the summer!

We have worked hard to curate a collection of home and lifestyle products that enable you to enjoy clean modern design which doesn't have to cost the earth:  throughout the (style) seasons. All our products are made from naturally derived materials that can either be composted, recycled or handed down to the next generation. We have worked tirelessly with our makers to capture timeless design so that your purchase doesn't have to be only for one season but can be utilised as part of your modern lifestyle for generations to come.

Traditional Design & Environmental Practices:

We believe that you have the power to effect change both locally & globally.  A big part of this is changing the way we behave as consumers. We believe in local, low carbon & loving the things we live with. We reduce our footprint by supporting local makers. This in turn means supporting the growers & producers of the raw materials too in order to be able to purchase the products we want to enjoy for generations to come with the lowest impact as possible but which make the biggest difference. We do all this as locally as possible & some of our products come from our very own family small holding. We believe that being local, greener & wiser with your pound means a brighter future for everyone.

We source products that have been handmade using the best natural & sustainably sourced materials so that you can enjoy & rely on our beautifully designed products that have been made with skill & are built to be a part of your lasting environment.