Stòr Lifestyle: Ethical, Eco Friendly & Handmade with love


Stòr Lifestyle is proud to support its independent makers. We believe fair trade is part of creating a sustainable & beautiful future for all, a future which has less waste.

Buy Better:

We value products that have proven themselves through design, material & craftsmanship to be dependable.

Support Makers:

At Stòr Lifestyle we set out to bring the beauty of traditional & innovative hand crafted products to UK markets. Seeking out & developing a lasting relationship with all our makers to support sustainable businesses, innovation & traditional crafts. We believe it is important to know where our products have come from & who made them so that we can be sure to support their craft & skill.


We believe in handmade, quality & skill. That is why we work closely with our makers to ensure you love your purchase & our products. Surround yourself with beautifully designed products made with skill & built to be a part of your lasting environment.

Buy Greener:

We believe that you have the power to effect change both locally & globally.  A big part of this is changing the way we behave as consumers. We believe in local, low carbon & loving the things we live with. We reduce our footprint by supporting local makers. This in turn means supporting the growers & producers of the raw materials too in order to be able to purchase the products we want to enjoy for generations to come with the lowest impact as possible but which make the biggest difference. We do all this as locally as possible & some of our products come from our very own family small holding. We believe that being local, greener & wiser with your pound means a brighter future for everyone.

Find out more about the steps that we're taking to look after our planet & how you can too by going to: Our Green Policy