Knowing your Polish Pottery & using it safely.

Stòr Lifestyle offers the largest selection of Ceramika Artystyczna Polish Pottery in Scotland providing you with a hand picked collection of these stunning hand painted pieces to choose from. Our producers reflect the finest tradition of the region’s craft is the Artistic Ceramics collection, operating since 1950 and producing over 1000 forms and 2500 unique patterns. Each of their artisans undergoes two years of training before becoming a decorative artist. If you have chosen items from the UNIKAT (unique) collection all UNIKAT pieces are initialed by the decorative artist on the base as well as the factories trademark stamp.

All our Polish Pottery tableware is dishwasher, microwave, freezer and oven safe and we stock only the certified premium grade ceramics.

Our online shop offers you the chance to browse our unique collection at your leisure with simple, safe online purchasing available. We stock only original, locally manufactured products of the highest quality from the Bolesławiec city and the surrounding Lower Silesia area. All our suppliers are verified producers who continue the tradition of making ceramics derived from the nineteenth century.

All our plates and bowls are hand thrown, other pieces are shaped with the use of moulds which must be frequently replaced. Trained mould makers undertake this work. Very high quality glazes are used to decorate the pottery and are either stamped and/or painted onto the pottery before it is fired. Each artist cuts their own patterns from a dense inner core of natural sea sponges, traditionally these would have been cut from potato.

Each piece is glazed and fired twice at temperature in excess of 1250°C classifying it as stoneware rather than earthenware. Stoneware is much more durable than earthenware and is chip resistant. All our pottery is lead and cadmium free.

To ensure your pottery is produced by our certified producers look for one of the trademarks shown below, each and every piece made in the factories is stamped to ensure quality and authenticity.

Our Polish Pottery Producers Trademarks Bolesławiec Ceramika