Doing Our Bit For The Environment


We believe in handmade, quality & skill. That is why we work closely with our makers to ensure our customers love their purchase & our products. We source products that have been handmade using the best natural & sustainably sourced materials so that our customers can enjoy & rely on our beautifully designed products that have been made with skill & are built to be a part of a lasting environment.

At Stòr Lifestyle we set out to bring the beauty of traditionally hand crafted products to UK markets. Seeking out & developing a lasting relationship with all our makers to support sustainable businesses & traditional crafts.

Our business was born through need, our own need for these products as we took ourselves off grid and adjusted our own lifestyle to living with a lower footprint. This lead us here and is why we are here today supporting traditional crafts, skills & innovation that work in harmony with nature. We are passionate believers of "Buy less buy better". We value products that have proven themselves through design, material & craftsmanship to be dependable, so that they can live with us without creating a negative impact on our planet.

Everything we do at Stòr Lifestyle incorporates these three beliefs: 'Handmade, Supporting our Artisans & Makers & Buy Less Buy Better' to encourage & celebrate the beauty of products that have been designed & tested to become life companions & even one day heirlooms.

We only use biodegradable packaging & bags which have been produced with fairly traded & sustainably sourced recycled paper. We also have for sale our reusable tote bags (made with fair trade & sustainable organic cotton) & we encourage our customers to choose this option as it is a bag that can carry again & again.

At Stòr Lifestyle our vision for sustainability runs all the way from the sourcing of materials, the choice of products we stock to our storage & workshop facilities. The Stòr Lifestyle's team has grown from within & has even hand built its own HQ, workshop & storage facilities in Scotland using 100% Scottish sourced native timber & low impact off grid design as well as establishing our own organic cut flower garden which now supplies our shops with seasonal and locally grown organic flowers. 

We care about our planet & we want to encourage our customers to care too. We believe that you can care for your planet whilst enjoying the wonderful gifts it has to offer through our sustainable & eco conscious business approach that celebrates hand craft skills & tradition & the natural materials.