Welcoming Stòr Lifestyle, Travelling Basket's next chapter

Stòr. Source, possessions, riches, treasure. A community that can offer all this & more. A community of makers, friends, a place of quality handcrafted wares & belongings, beautiful pieces to hold onto. Of treasures.

Travelling Basket started as an idea, became a lifestyle & then a lifestyle store. Something we are immensely proud of & honoured to be able to share with all of you. It’s been an incredible journey & a gift. We’ve made many wonderful connections, met truly inspiring people & made dear friends along the way. To call that work is pretty wonderful.

The last few years, as I am certain they have for many of us, have been an immensely challenging time not least because of the pandemic & of course Brexit but also our own life, health journey & losing our twins.

This journey has brought much joy along with the challenges. For the things you want most in the world are worth feeling every emotion for.

The seasonal shift to autumn, a season of gathering & taking stock has brought to light a change we’ve been feeling & needing to heed. Everything to this point has been an adventure, one that we are incredibly grateful for. As we direct our future & that of our businesses we have decided this gathering of the old & our past into the next chapter needed to be recognised.

So it is with much excitement & love that we bring Travelling Basket lifestyle store into its next chapter, Stòr. As you know we’ll be opening our second shop in the coming months. This will become home to Stòr. Travelling Basket will have spread its wings & we couldn’t be more excited to nurture this next phase. Our current shop on Roseneath St will be sticking around with some loving changes too. Our locally grown organic blooms & floral design business Aspen Florals will be taking the helm on Roseneath St as @aspen.florals with a focus & more room for our floral designs & with space for your favourite lifestyle wares, books, candles & coffee corner still in Marchmont.

Over the coming months we will be making the shift & you’ll see some changes taking place. Please bear with us during this time. We hope you enjoy seeing Stòr grow into her future.

We very much look forward to sharing both spaces with you.